Quality of Life Committee 

The Quality of Life Committee's purpose is to improve and preserve the quality of life in Baldwin. It seeks to do this by: 

  • Ensuring that businesses are responsible to the community and in compliance with the Town of Hempstead codes.
  • Addressing environmental concerns such as garbage, water, and noise pollution. 
  • Encouraging and supporting opportunities for residents to engage in community building and sharing resources and expertise. 

How to Report Violations: 

To report a violation, send an email to the Quality of Life Committee using the form at the
Contact Us page. Please select "Quality of Life" for the subject line. A member of the committee will follow up on your email with the Town of Hempstead. Your name will not be used; however, in your email you must indicate the name of the business (if any) as well as the street address or the cross streets where the violation occurs. Please write what you think the violation(s) are in your email. 

The following are a list of code violations. Links to the specific page of the Hempstead Town or New York State code for each violation have been provided. 

16-196 Business Zoning Ordinance (BZO): 

Illegal use of space in a business zone 

3-304 Property Maintenance Code of NYS (PMCNYS): 

NOTE: These are criminal codes. 

  • Failure to maintain interior of property 
  • Failure to maintain structure on property 
  • Failure to maintain exterior of property ​

86-9A1 Building Codes:
Erecting or building something without a permit 
24-242 Codes for temporary signs, flashing signs, etc.


Sanitary District No. 2


You can report many quality of life issues directly to Sanitary District No. 2. Some of these issues, for either commercial or residential properties, include overgrown grass, graffiti, abandoned shopping carts, and litter. To report these issues, please call Sanitary District No. 2 at (516) 223-3207.