BCA Committees

Much of the work of the BCA is accomplished by committees composed of the Association's volunteer members.

The Association has six standing committees, whose chairs also serve as members of the Executive Board:

  • Beautification Committee organizes projects to improve the appearance of Baldwin.
  • Economic Development Committee strives to improve the commercial environment and encourage new businesses in Baldwin.
  • Fundraising Committee organizes engaging events to raise necessary funds to support the organization's activities and pay its expenses. 
  • Government Liaison Committee represents the BCA to Town, County, and State government officials and agencies.
  • Membership Committee works to expand the BCA membership and educate residents about Association activities.
  • Quality of Life Committee seeks to improve the quality of life in Baldwin by working with businesses and residents to ensure code compliance and mitigate pollution and environmental hazards.

The Association also establishes ad hoc committees when necessary. Such committees have included a By-Laws Committee, a Fundraising Committee, and committees for special events.