Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Carousel Mural project! ​

Rich Damm                         Maria Fernandez                         Laura Trowbridge 

Kimberley Leibrock             Delia Serrano                              Mary Kearns 

Janet Bezmen                     Erika Floreska                            Theresa Arena

Joanne Bove                       Raymond Lignowski                   Maggie Schwarz

Maureen Herman                John Carey                                 Kevin White 

Teresa Beneventine            Jean Smyth-Crocetto                  Megan Elias

Christine DeLuca                Patricia Hall                                 Jennifer Debler 

John Cools                          Myron Shurgan                           Elissa Kirchner 

Maryann O'Mahony            Arlene Gimpelv                            Rita Cavanagh and John Cochrane

Jason Vitale                        David Burger                               Lori Murray

Lisa Darcy                           Paul Orselli                                 Edward Lang

Kathleen Englehart             Gary Farkash                              Patricia Logan

Susan Oliver                       Jacqueline Saitta                        Paul and Amy Lizio

Emily Abessinio                  Michelle Gunn                            Gerard Hinton

Sidney Espana                   Chris Cappannelli                       Elizabeth Giles

​Marci Efthymiou                  Cheryl Brown                             Thomas Smyth 

Brunilda Alvarado               Elizabeth Deegan                       Pat Winckler

Jan Matio                            Matthew Ponsot                         John Kinstel

Karen Callahan                   Helena and Arnold Hillian          Steven and Mary Greenfield

Claudia Rotondo                 Karen and Jim Montalbano        Tom Owens

David Viana                        Franca Gerrard                           Linda Degen

Deborah Martin                   Keith Eckels                               Sheila Romano

Barbara Walker-Guerriere  Jacinta Thomas                          Robert Stalker

​Kathleen Hamon                 Donall Healy                               Baldwin Post 246 American Legion

​David Pace                         Adrienne Motel                            Robert Weisser and Robin Ananicz

​Jason Verity                        Nancy Maia                                 Debra Mule

​Ann Parry                            Bob Stuhmer                               Diane and Lori Woolnough

Kevin Freer                         Matt and Noah Freer                   Denise Prescott

Vanessa Lokel                    Amy Swanteck                             John Neville

Elsa Tessitore                     Joann and Ken Adams                Sharon Haiduk

Peggy Olsen                       Andreas Hofweber                       Vinny Valentini

Tracy Goldman                   Nick Avallone                               Donna and Rick Brace

Rich Mancini                       Dierdre and David Stammers      Kim Taylor

Bill White                             Colette Kempf                             Jessenia Velazquez

Kelley Hochheiser               Tiffany Cesare                            George and Susan Molinelli

Teresa Edler                        Joel Peskoff                                Joe Whalen and Kim Tracy

Marsha Tarlow                     Marjorie Bien-Aime                     Marylou White

Andy Randazzo                   Joe Rivera and Lisa McCarthy   Vincent Mischke

Vincent DeFusco                 Nancy Menges                            Marybeth Darcy

​Peggy Healy                        Kathleen Hermann                     Kimberly Albrecht

Kathie Cammann                 Ginny Cammann-Walters           Richie and Ellen Cammann

​Emerson Souza

Total Amount Raised Through April 22, 2019


Michael White is an artist who grew up in Baldwin and worked for two high school summers at Nunley's operating the rides. He is working on a series of paintings of the great Stein and Goldstein carousel, as it looked in our memories, from photographs of it in its Baldwin setting. He has done permanent murals all over New York City and Long Island, including the 22-foot-wide Queensboro Bridge mural for the lobby of the Lion Match Building in Long Island City. The Nunley's mural project represents a homecoming of sorts, for the carousel and also for Michael's career as a muralist, which began with a painting that has been in the Baldwin High School cafeteria since his senior year of 1987. (The mural and the artist are shown at the right.) His work can also be seen at his website.​ 

Nunley's Carousel Commemorative Mural 

On April 22, 2019, the Nunley's Carousel Mural created by Michael White was installed at the LIRR station facing the inersection of Grand Avenue and Sunrise Highway!

This beautification project was made possible due to $4,200 in contributions from almost 150 Baldwin residents, BCA members, and people who loved and rememember their wonderful experiences at Nunley's Amusement Park on Sunrise Highway in Baldwin from 1939 to 1995. 

A huge thank you to Michael White, to all of the people who came together to complete the project, and to all of the people who donated to help make Baldwin a more beautiful and artistic hamlet!